The Good Shepherd Ministry Blog

We sometimes think that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the most terrible poverty. We must start in our  own homes to remedy this kind of poverty. 

- Mother Teresa

Many people drive or bus through the downtown east side and stare at the life outside their window with predetermined opinions. Others still avoid it altogether whether out of fear, apathy or dislike. In our increasingly secular society it is becoming taboo to talk about religion and share religious morals and ideals. Therefore, it can be hard to imagine donning colourful jackets and walking unabashedly up and down these much avoided streets proclaiming faith and actively seeking to share it.


Many people often have questions about our ministry: How is this safe? How do people respond? Who do you interact with? What is a typical walk like? Why do you bother? It is easy to sum up what we do, who we interact with. It is something quite extraordinary to define what we experience on our walks. Each volunteer would find different words in an attempt to explain just what it is that keeps us going back on a weekly basis. In simple terms, we introduce ourselves and ask each person their name. We ask how how they are doing and if they have any special prayer requests. For each one of us, this is our own journey of faith as we are called to do as Christians. On any given night we find grace and beauty and courage and respect in those we interact with. Truly the best answer to these questions is for someone to come and experience it first hand. In the realization that this is not always a feasible option this blog will attempt to answer questions, keep interested parties up to date on what is happening, and share glimpses of our volunteer's different encounters and experiences.  

First blog post coming soon! stay tuned