Our Mission Statement

Lord Jesus Christ, you call us to deepen our faith in the Gospel,

to believe its message and go forth and proclaim it.

Give us the courage to be evangelized and the guidance

of the Holy Spirit to evangelize others.




Who share the joy we have received.

Who proclaim the truth with faith and fidelity.

Who believe that our relationship with Jesus Christ

and our union with his body the Church,

continually enhance and enrich our lives

and the lives of those around us.


May the hope we have received from Christ our risen Lord,

Who lives and reigns with the Father, and the Holy Spirit as one God,

be an ever growing presence in the world through our desire

and action to give what we have received.





Our Vision for the Future...

......to promote partnerships with different parishes and schools in order to have a larger faith community working for a common goal. We hope to eventually host nights of open prayer and fellowship at St Paul's Church for the women and men we meet on the streets to continue to encourage their journey in faith.